Business need to go beyond the business case for CSR to embrace the moral case for action and appealing to the deep satisfaction that working on social and environmental issues can inspire. This is a powerful source of motivation that Metrocem can tap into- the sense of mission or purpose that people feel when they align their values and their work. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a fundamental business practice of Metrocem. The company understands that a strong CSR program is an essential element in achieving good business practices and efficient leadership. In following areas Metrocem continues its CSR:

Assisting underprivileged individuals:

As part of Metrocem’s broad array of responsibilities to the society, financing underprivileged people’s schools falls into a crucial success point for the economic future of the country. The creation of well-educated and skilled workforce is indispensable for a country to become an efficient and self-empowered contender in the competitive global markets.

Contributing in higher education:

Higher education of a country’s younger generation can lead to the inception of generations of business leaders, who are to be responsible for the growth and sustainability of the country’s future. To achieve this vision, Metrocem Group is committed to routinely aid the involved parties in generous quantities.

Promoting culture & sports:

By sponsoring cultural and sports activities, Metrocem Group aims to promote the underlying values of discipline, skill and advancement. As part of keeping in sync of Metrocem’s responsibility towards society, the aforementioned activities are greatly impactful towards nurturing creative potential and improvement among the younger generations.

Aiding special individuals:

Metrocem Group understands the challenges and difficulties associated for a special individual to lead a normal life in case their caregivers are not affluent. To ease the struggles, Metrocem Group is bound by their role of corporate citizenship to assist these special-need individuals to lighten their struggles.