As a building material manufacturer Metrocem Group makes an important contribution to the country through its products. We say that our products are the fabric of life. They are the core material for the development - needed to raise the living standards of many millions of people.

Metrocem Group was founded on three core values of sustainability, quality and leadership, as well as the entrepreneurial boldness behind our emergence as the first truly national building material maker. These values underpin our mission to produce safe and sustainable product.

However, everything we aspire to as a business relies on the hard work, commitment and engagement of our people. Adapting to the future will need the best talent and we regard this as another enabler of our business strategy. We want to inspire, engage and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

In conclusion, as we navigate and adapt to the trends shaping our nation, we know that creating value for our stakeholders must be our central focus. As long as we continue to innovate in response to a fast changing world, I am convinced that our range of product will remain the material of choice, as a durable, versatile, bondable resource that plays a central role in a sustainable new national economy.

Metrocem Managing Director MD Shahidullah